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"CareySound has been providing quality production for us for well over 20 years and they have never let us down. CareySound always delivered what they promised, often more, for the best prices.  I recommend Carey Sound without hesitation!"


"Utilizing state-of-the-art tools and years of personal experience their great staff worked tirelessly to make sure every minute detail was covered flawlessly. They were a pleasure to work with and really came through for us. They helped us get it right the first time."


"I spent days researching audio rental places in North Carolina for my wedding and most wouldn't give me the time of day! Then I spoke to Carey Sound and they had exactly what I needed at fantastic prices clearly posted on their website. Great people - great gear - Thanks guys!"


"CareySound stands firmly behind the quality of their work and treated us like one of the family. You can expect the best with them on your team."

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Having provided quality production services for thousands of events over our 32+ year history, CareySound Productions enters its fourth decade of service with new energy saving technologies and a host new services. CareySound takes great pride in offering it’s clients the highest degree of expertise and customer service in specialty event production services.

CareySound Event Production Services

Event Lighting

CareySound is much more than sound and video. CareySound has a long history of providing innovative lighting solutions. Over 25 years ago we were one of the
first production companies to provide pre-rigged lighting truss and
Socopex mult-connectors in the state. We were one of the first regional companies in the entire US to introduce moving lights over 20 years ago. And ten years ago we were one of the first to use moving lights for theater productions totally replacing the use of traditional fixtures.

CareySound continues this tradition with Green lighting - No longer do you need to use massive amounts of electrical power to light a concert stage. CareySound is leading a revolution in the lighting industry with their new line of fixtures utilizing new high-output/low-power usage Light Emitting Diodes (LED's) as light sources. Not only do they not put out any heat the Red Green Blue (RGB) color mixing produces all of the colors of the rainbow without gells.

Event Audio

Cobra ver. 2.0. We have expanded our inventory of Dynacord Cobra boxes to over 24 boxes including Cobra 4 Far long throw boxes and upgraded our popular systems voice with the best signal processing and the most powerful EV amplifier ever, the 7,000 watt TG-7 with RCM-26 remote control DSP module.

EV Phoenix subs and monitors. This new implementation of the Electro-Voice Manifold Technology provides even more output per cubic foot of cabinet than it's predecessor, the venerable EV MT4 System. The new Phoenix Subs produce more acoustical output at lower frequencies with two 18" loudspeakers each than the original did with four 18's. The new Phoenix Monitor produces a spectacular 6 db more output than any other contemporary rival and does it in an amazingly small low profile wedge.

Roland RSS V-Mix digital system. More than just a digital replacement for an analogue mixing desk, the M-400 is the control surface for a complete end-to end digital audio system. Just add microphones on one end and stacks n' racks on the other and you have a complete sound system.

Roland Ethernet Audio Communication (REAC) digital backbones. All of our systems providing high quality 24-bit/96kHz audio over Cat5e cables. No more bulky audio snake systems with all of the noise, buzzes and signal quality losses associated with analogue audio over miles of copper wire.

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