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This is where you will find technical articles. Please click on a title to download the file.
How to make the most out a service call.
A Technically Speaking article on wireless basics.
How to buy the right system for your church the first time.
This is a short history and technical dissertation on Line Arrays.
Online Open Wireless Frequency Finder by Sennheiser
So you want to use a Line Array
History of The PA Bible, Its Reincarnation, Plus Document List and Subject Outlines authored by the esteemed Jim Long.
The EV PA Bible
Drivers and Horns
Power Handling Capacity
Microphone Types
Understanding Equalization and the Various Types of Equalizers
System Interconnection
The Con’·sta╠ćnt Di·rec·tiv’i·ty White Horn Paper
Crossovers and Biamping
Microphone Techniques
Mixing for the Live Performance
A Central Cluster System for Rock and Roll
Portable Sound Systems for Small Clubs
“Force®”” Boxes for Music Systems
The Electric Guitar Loudspeaker, a Unique Design
Loudspeaker System Types
Barrier Miking
Mismatching Drivers and Horns
What is Manifold TechnologyTM?
Controlled Systems
Condenser Microphones
How to send firmware updates to the DX-38 and DSP-224. A cautionary tale.
From The Help Files Series. A lesson in active vs passise crossovers.
From The Help Files Series. An alternative amplifier/processor for the Dynacord XP system.
From The Help Files Series. Controvery follows the SoundMan.
From The Help Files Series. A solution to a noisy wireless problem.
From The Help Files Series. A discussion on the merits of a CD recorder over a PC in a church install.
From The Help Files Series. What the SoundMan eats for dinner.
From The Help Files Series. A SoundMan word of advice on volume levels.
This is a "how to guide" for building a USB to RS485 converter for use with the DX 38 AND DSP 244 System Processors
Omni microphone usage guide from Earthworks.
An Artisticaly Speaking article on what SoundMan is hiding in his mic drawer.
Technical discussion of designing crossovers with the EV DX-38 and RACE sosftware.
A Technically Speaking article on the basics of using an equalizer.
A Technically Speaking article on how to pick the right microphone.
A Technically Speaking article on how to mic a choir.
A discussion on Bass Arrays
Some information on acoustic characteristics of Compact Line Arrays vs Horn-Loaded Speakers.
Application handbook for the Dynacord Cobra System.