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"CareySound has been providing quality production for us for well over 20 years and they have never let us down. CareySound always delivered what they promised, often more, for the best prices.  I recommend Carey Sound without hesitation!"


"Utilizing state-of-the-art tools and years of personal experience their great staff worked tirelessly to make sure every minute detail was covered flawlessly. They were a pleasure to work with and really came through for us. They helped us get it right the first time."


"I spent days researching audio rental places in North Carolina for my wedding and most wouldn't give me the time of day! Then I spoke to Carey Sound and they had exactly what I needed at fantastic prices clearly posted on their website. Great people - great gear - Thanks guys!"


"CareySound stands firmly behind the quality of their work and treated us like one of the family. You can expect the best with them on your team."

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Thanks For The Compliment

The web, being this amazing amalgamation of opinions, mostly anonymous, and mostly critical to the point of being brutally cruel, can be very humbling. A few days ago I was aimlessly browsing the web and I did what I understand is very common. I Googled my own name and my company name. I ran into this unsolicited review and I just had to share it.

These guys are fantastic‎‎
By Peter - Jun 16, 2010
I spent days researching audio rental places in North Carolina between Raleigh and Asheville. All I wanted was a PA system to use for my wedding reception: 4 speakers, a mic, an amp, a small mixer. Very straight forward. The trouble is that nearly everyone I spoke to wanted to either rent me a Monsters of Rock stadium system for a million dollars or give me some sort of DJ package deal for $2500. Most wouldn't even talk to me at all! Then I spoke to Ken at Carey Sound. Ken had exactly what I needed. He clearly posted all of his prices on his website, included all relevant stands, cables, clips, etc, and even tested everything before I picked it up. Not just to see if it worked, but to make sure the speakers sounded right together. All of this AND I got an amazing price. I had to double check to make sure I had heard him right. And this wasn't just no-name equipment either. It was all Electro-Voice. I would definitely recommend Carey Sound to anyone looking to rent live sound equipment for anything from a sales meeting to a big rock show. Thanks guys!
At CareySound we work very hard to provide for our customers and it’s always great to see that it’s appreciated. Thanks for the kind words. We would like to “make your day” too. Please call us now. (336) 292-8282

379-1943 No More

CareySound has had the 379-1943 phone number since our beginning in 1978. It was never easy to remember but through eleven moves and three area code changes it has at least been consistent - until now.

Three years ago when we moved to our new home here on Pomona Dr. we were told that the number that had served us so well over the years was not available at our new address as a native number and they assigned us our new 292-8282 number. Concerned that we might miss important calls we coerced them into letting us keep our original number as a redirect. All was fine until we discovered last month that they began charging us for the privilege (an exorbitant amount no less). So after 33 1/2 years we are retiring that old number. So if there are any of you out there that are not using our new number please make the change in your records.


Get Me To The Church On Time

The CareySound Production department helped yet another bride realize her dream wedding this last weekend in Winston-Salem as we partnered up with local event planner Laura Jennifer Events. The Hearn Ballroom at the Downtown Marriott was transformed into magical space replete with dazzling white roses, purple hughes and a custom monogram of the couples name reigning over the dance floor.

You can find more examples of CareySound Magic by clicking here. Let us help visualize your dreams by calling us for a free consultation now at (336) 292-8282 or by telling your wedding planner you want the CareySound treatment.

Extreme Makeover Church Addition

It was a top to bottom makeover for Temple Memorial Baptist Church of High-Point.

Twin Sanyo video projectors.

A Roland RSS V-Mix Digital System and an Electro-Voice EVA Line Array share the spotlight in the new sound system.

An Edirol V-4 four channel video mixer control Sony color PTZ remote cameras.

Tommy Martin and John Carey explain it all.

Cool energy efficient LED lighting light the stage.