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Phase Two - Digital

CareySound has completed the second phase of the audio system upgrades to the SloanTheater at Greensboro Day School in Greensboro with the addition of a digital audio backbone and control system by Roland Professional Systems RSS. The latest upgrade of their aging analogue mixing desk with the newly released M-48 digital system from Roland follows the installation by CareySound a couple of years ago of a Dynacord Cobra Compact Line Array loudspeaker system.

Creenesboro Day School Cobra System Dana Lowell
Technical Director Dana Lowell completed training on the new system last week and is excited by its flexibility and ease of use. At a fraction of the cost and complexity, the new system provides them the audio capabilities that until recently were only found at high end Broadway Theaters. This new piece fulfills the mission of the Greensboro Day Schools theater department to provide the most up-to-date cutting edge learning environment for their students in the performing arts.

CareySound has been selling the Roland Digital Systems since they we first introduced. The system installed at Greensboro Day School, the M-480 mixing system, is the latest addition to the Roland V-Mix digital mixing platform. With a newly developed mixing engine, the M-480 provides an enhanced level of powerful and flexible audio processing for the premium choice in a digital audio console. It includes unprecedented routing ability, channel and EQ DSP, and also supports a cascade connection that enables 96 channels of mixing by connecting a second unit - all via one simple Cat5e/6 cable. Supporting live events, mobile production, broadcasting, and sound installation, the V-Mixing System with the M-480 V-Mixer at its heart provides "best in class" innovation for any live mixing venue.

Highlights includes:
  • 48 mixing channels plus 6 stereo returns for a total of 60 channels
  • Main (LCR) outputs, 16 AUX buses, 8 matrices
  • Configurable to 90 inputs and 90 outputs depending on Digital Snake configuration
  • 4-band advanced parametric EQ, and delays on all inputs and outputs
  • Compressors and Gates on all mixing channels
  • Six built-in stereo (dual-mono) multi-effects and twelve graphic EQs (switchable to 8-band PEQs)
  • 214 possible output patch points on each port (A,B, console). Allows direct routing from preamp to output point without having to use mix channel.
  • Supports integration with Personal Mixing System and Multi-Channel Live Recording/Playback
  • Cascade connection supports large format applications for 96 mixing channels

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