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"CareySound has been providing quality production for us for well over 20 years and they have never let us down. CareySound always delivered what they promised, often more, for the best prices.  I recommend Carey Sound without hesitation!"


"Utilizing state-of-the-art tools and years of personal experience their great staff worked tirelessly to make sure every minute detail was covered flawlessly. They were a pleasure to work with and really came through for us. They helped us get it right the first time."


"I spent days researching audio rental places in North Carolina for my wedding and most wouldn't give me the time of day! Then I spoke to Carey Sound and they had exactly what I needed at fantastic prices clearly posted on their website. Great people - great gear - Thanks guys!"


"CareySound stands firmly behind the quality of their work and treated us like one of the family. You can expect the best with them on your team."

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CareySound Sales provides customized solutions for a wide array of audio, lighting, control & video needs.



For over 33 years CareySound has been providing effective communication solutions for hundreds of clients throughout the Carolinas providing them with the expertise necessary to get the job done without them having to become an expert themselves.

Utilizing state-of-the-art tools and access to the most talented engineers in their fields, our experienced staff becomes part of your team, providing you with ‘turn-key’ solutions. Attention to detail, dedication to customer satisfaction and constant retraining is our focus.

About the products we represent.

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To put it simply, we are very picky about the Manufacturers we work with. Our customers are professionals whose reputations and livelihoods rely on the products we provide. We have some very tough criteria for our professional associations with our manufacturers that include:

• Top tier products that go beyond state-of-the-art. A new breakthrough product is no good to us if it breaks. We expect superior engineering and extensive field testing before a manufacturer introduces a product. And if a problem is found after introduction we expect them to admit it and fix the problem.

• High company standards in engineering, sales and support. We expect support for a product until it is retired. A warrantee or guaranty is of no immediate help when something fails in the field. We sell sophisticated high-tech equipment that is not inexpensive and we expect our customers to be treated like luxury automobile owners.

• Direct access to product engineers, support specialists, and top management. We only represent companies that take our customers as seriously as we do.

Along with our industry friends we work hard to earn your trust and on behalf of CareySound and our corporate partners we appreciate your patronage.

Choices Abound

In the age of the internet and mega-retail stores there is no shortage of places to buy cheaply. So why should you choose CareySound?

  • At CareySound we don’t just sell you stuff. You won’t find a showroom filled with stacks of “special purchases.” We don’t keep large inventories of products that need to be turned. In fact what you will get from CareySound, with just one call, is your own personal technology specialist. One that comes to your door where the need is, who will provide you with our wealth of experience, extensive product knowledge and years of 'industry insider' connections.

  • We understand that each customer's needs are unique. We use trained specialists to design custom solutions with verifiable performance specifications and avoid using off-the-shelf boilerplate packages common to our competitors. Our systems provide for complete control and supervision for absolute reliability.


  • We provide you with the best cost/value system and lowest cost of ownership available anywhere. A system that will perform and stay current for years to come - not one that needs constant repairs and replacement.

  • CareySound stands by what we sell. CareySounds after sale support is legendary. Our team of specialists remain available to you well after our install team leaves your premises to help you protect your investment. Once a CareySound customer - always a CareySound customer. One of our most popular after sale services is our System Maintenance Program. It is designed to help you keep your gear in top notch working condition for years of useful service.