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The Sound of Music Fills Center City Park

The hills park is alive with the sound of music. The sparkling fountains, beautiful sculptures and lush gardens of Center Park located in the heart of downtown Greensboro have been augmented with a major new feature. Those green cylinders that have been seen springing up amongst the foliage in the park are not some exotic new plant, but are instead 22 new carefully placed high fidelity loudspeakers that ring the perimeter of the park making it the largest surround sound system in Greensboro.

CareySound had presented the idea of a background music system some time ago. Last spring several spontaneous gatherings occurred in downtown Greensboro and park operations made the decision to dramatically increase the official event schedule in the park to creatively channel the energy of the increased activity in the downtown area and encourage more family participation in park activities. The idea of adding a distributed background music system in the park was revisited and CareySound was tasked with the job of design and Implementation.
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John Carey puts some finishing touches to the installation of the new audio system last week that was began in mid January.
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Twenty two buried loudspeakers hide among the plantings in the park.