Roberta Flack

CareySound 17

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The NCA&TSU Homecomming Tour

CareySound 15
Pebo - Ray, Goodman and Brown, Lakeside, War, Pieces of a Dream
nobody alowed on floor
Geenies had to be carried down bleachers
first concert in Corbet
fisrt show with Soundcraft 800 we bought from Rock N' Road Audio
Just look at that ROM tower truss bow.

More Covacus

Here are more Covacus pictures. They are important to the history CareySound for many reasons. I met Coffee (the band leader) and the band at a show at Richard Bowlings club Cosmos on Florida St, in Greensboro. We were there with another band - High Voltage with the Glover brothers. Robin, later to join Covacus as their percussionist, was the drumer HV.

I was blown away that night with Covacus. Just about out everybody in the band with the exception of Coffee was still in high school. They opened the the show on the main stage with George Bishop's PA and his band The Mighty Majors. Covacus had 11 members including Barbra Weathers who would later sing for Atlantic Star before moving on to a solo career.CareySound 13
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CareySound 11

CareySound 10
New Years Eve - Roanoke Colisium Roanoke, VA


Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD, a horse racing track located just outside of Washington, DC, was the site for one the first hiphop festivals and CareySojund was there. Bobby Brown is the only act that I can remember. Peter Dean was the promoter. I wonder where he is now
.CareySound 7

SoundMan Mike

Mike was CareySounds second employee and first SoundMan. Simon Ritchie introduced Mike to me who was working with the band Bull from Richmond starring Ray Pitman. He is also responsible for a large portion of our old photo's.
CareySound 6

Sternberger Auditorium

We did a lot of shows in this room in Founders Hall on the campus of Guilford College in Greensboro. The schools FM radio station antenna was located on top of this hall and more than once they shut the station down to keep the station bleeding through the band gear.
CareySound 5


48K back truss with ETA analogue dimmers.